View Full Version : Anyone want a roomie for A-kon 2003?

10-25-2002, 01:22 PM
Hi all,

I'm looking to make this my 1st out of state con and would really like to attend this con because there is a girl I like who lives in Dallas who is going and I'd love to meet her.

I can pitch in an equal amount for the room (divided by how many are going) and I can bring a sleeping bag for sleeping on the floor.

My friend who I normally room with is not going unless they get Lisa Ortiz as a GoH and I'd really like to go.

I'm not a party person and I like to have some sleep at night. I snore if I fall asleep on my back. but I take showers a couple times a day during cons and bring 2 days worth of cloths for each day I'm at the con.

I'll try to keep my stuff tidy.

Joe Boeing