View Full Version : Theatrical Makeup Review: Clown Antics

07-07-2011, 06:09 PM
Link (http://www.clownantics.com/index2.php)

I bought a few products from Clown Antics June 13th. All in all, some Mehron products, WolfeFX and Ben Nye. I originally chose this site because it had the lowest prices that I could find online for these brands of theatrical makeup.

Product range: Clown Antics specializes in (surprise!) professional clown supplies. Their product range is limited especially in colour variety, but if you're looking for a clown white face, they've got a lot of different types. They carry (among other products) the following brands/lines: Ben Nye Clown White and Cream Colours, Mehron Clown White, Starblend, and Grease paints (stick and cakes), Kryolan Clown White and Supracolor, Graftobian and WolfeFX.

Price: Like I said, it was the cheapest prices I could find for these product lines. I bought 7 products and it came to under $40 with international shipping.

Shipping: Technically, it took almost a month to get here. To be fair though, Canada Post was on strike for pretty much that entire time period. The order was placed less than a week before the strike and I received it today, which is about a week from the end of the strike. Considering the backlog of deliveries and customs processing, I can't really say how long it would have taken, so I'll say max 4 weeks to Canada, even with a postal strike :D.

I bought: Mehron creamstick in red, WolfeFX refills in white, red, and green, Starblend in green, Ben Nye cream color in gray and a Mehron finishing powder. It came in a little box with styrofoam peanuts and a "product information guide" which mostly has some details about latex adhesion, prop noses, wigs, balloons and juggling. It also has some lines to use in case you suck at juggling, hahah. "Wow! did you feel that gust of wind?", "Gravity check".

Anyway, I was a little concerned about the store since I couldn't find any other mention of it online or reviews, and because the prices were so low. But I'm really happy with this site and I'll probably use it again if I need more products from these lines.

Final verdict: 8/10, since their range of products and colours is somewhat limited.