View Full Version : Christmas present for a 4-year old

10-25-2002, 05:04 PM
This started off as a joke between my wife and I but I'm actually considering getting this for our four-year-old niece for Christmas. Now I just need to make sure she won't be scared of it.


Then again, I doubt my wife would mind if we got stuck with it... but that's not the point.

Spooky Brew
10-25-2002, 05:11 PM
That's a pretty big Totoro! Maybe something a lil' smaller? But that's just my opinion! (Take it from me, I'm dork of the Year) :p

10-25-2002, 05:12 PM
Of course it's big! It's the biggest one I could find. :) :) :)

Spooky Brew
10-25-2002, 05:13 PM
*pretends to understand*
Kidding, you know your niece and if you think that's a good present, then by-golly, go for it!

|| Deaf Baka ||
10-25-2002, 05:30 PM
O_O That's a huge Totoro. Your niece is really lucky to have an aunt and uncle just like you!! I say buy it for her and she'll be one of the few that's a proud owner of a Totoro doll that size!

10-25-2002, 06:11 PM
Too Kawaiiiiii!!!!!! :D :D :D If I had a huge house....

And my kids would have loved it.


1) You would know your niece; i don't think most 4-year-olds would be too intimidated by a super-large plushie, but some kids are sensitive - to make sure, you may want to run this idea by her parents.

2) A more important reason to run it by her parents: THEY are the ones who have to deal with the amount of space it takes up in their dwelling place. My kids really loved the super-sized (non-Anime) plushies and inflatable Pikachu chairs their uncle and aunt got them several years ago, but for ME, it was a huge pain having to maneuver around them and so forth. We don't have a very large house... The chairs are now in deflated storage mode (can't get rid of Pikachu!), and the stuffies ended up at Goodwill after about 5 years of enjoyment (the kids grew out of them, and there's not a lot of play you can do with something that big.)

Now my kids are collecting kawaii smaller Anime stuffies / Totoros (which we have more room for, yay!), which incidentally are easier to cuddle in bed, and will provide many more years of play (they dress them, take them places, etc.) than a large conversation piece. And it doesn't leave me cursing out their toys...

Just food for thought. (As a grownup, if I had sufficient space, I'd LOVE a giant Totoro! :) )

10-25-2002, 07:14 PM
I completely agree with Karisu-sama in saying that getting something that big, you might want to run it by her parents first. Though, I've often found that even the littlest of kids aren't afraid of Totoros despite the size. And Although that's a big Totoro, it doubles as her seat so room probably won't be a problem either. But just to be safe....

But I can't deny the Totoro loving freak inside of my yelling, "YES!!! TOTORO!!!" :D

10-25-2002, 07:18 PM
O.O I want a giant Totoro.

10-25-2002, 10:38 PM
I will volunteer to adopt it for free if your neice doesn't want it ^_^ LoL

10-27-2002, 03:02 PM
im 15 and it scares me :(

|| Deaf Baka ||
10-27-2002, 03:11 PM
>>im 15 and it scares me <<

Awww..... there there.......*huggles DJ* It's all right, its just a little dolly.

10-27-2002, 04:10 PM
I want a giant Totoro!!

It would be cool if someone made a life-size fuzzy Totoro beanbag or something. That way you could sleep on his tummy like Mei!