View Full Version : KHR Fran's frog hat

07-19-2011, 12:52 PM
I'm currently working on a Fran cosplay....but his hat looks almost impossible to me...
for those who doesn't know who Fran is:




I have no idea where to start....but I've heard people who have done it saying that they made it out of beach balls, balloons and paper mache...but HOW!? Is there other ways to do it? I'm totally new to this cosplay thing and have 0 experience in making something like that.
If anyone out there have any suggestions on how and what materials i should use, please tell me D:

08-28-2011, 04:10 AM
im currently working on frans hat too~ im doing some research~ my idea is that you can use a beach ball by not inflating the WHOLE thing. and try to dis-inflate it get a space bit enough to fit your head. then use paper mache to layer it. then paint it black and probably make the eyes from.... like... foam clay or styrofoam. layer it with paper mache and paint it~ cut out black circles and just kinda... tape it on each side of the hat O3O or something like that lol

if you dont wanna buy paper mache you can make it~ http://www.dltk-kids.com/type/how_to_paper_mache.htm

if you want to make it out of a styrofoam ball then buy one maybe like this one http://www.stuff4crafts.com/white-styrofoam-ball-6-1-pkg-ba6h.html

probably carve out or press into the styrofoam to make the shape of your head and the holes in the side. then put tape all around it (those GIANT tapes to tape boxes to ship things) then layers of paper mache. (the tape is something for the paper mache to stick on) and paint it~