View Full Version : Myu Cosplay?

11-21-2003, 05:18 PM
I've been thinking of (maybe getting together with someone/people and) doing a scene from one of the Musicals (Utena or Sailor Moon probably, considering they're the only one's I've seen.)

Complete with music, singing, dancing (if there is any) and dialogue (again, if there is any)

What think you guys?

~Cassie-who has been told she should be Saionji simply because she sounds just like the actress who plays him in the Myu...but would rather be Touga or Akio XP~

11-21-2003, 06:28 PM
x_x; it's reallllly hard to do it because 1.) you need the costumes 2.) you need people wiling to drive out where ever u want this to be done (don't forget about rehersals) 3.) A location, probably a stage to rent 4.) sound equipment and it's expensive for mics. Just some things to think about before initiating your plans.

Even one group song for Sailor Jamboree (we've done Myu concerts and songs since 1999) and it still takes at least a half of a day to a full day to memorize correctly (depending on its difficulty or need to sing live). Other than that, your best bet is probably do something for a small convention that would allow that or even enter this "scene" in a masquerade.

~Flame Sniper Rei
Sailor JAM-Boree President