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07-23-2011, 02:23 PM
Think before you buy your masquerade ball, prom, or wedding dresses here!

I placed an order for my bridesmaid dress in early April. I needed it by mid May. The dress cost almost an entire paycheck for me so I couldn't order it any earlier. I chose a standard size based on their sizing chart (ordering one size up in case they ran small). I received my confirmation and replied to it just like they asked. They said they were making the dress. I waited. The week OF the wedding comes along and I STILL do not have a tracking number for shipping. One of the other bridesmaids had received her dress which was sized completely wrong, the bride's dress was also completely wrong as well. This had me extra worried. I got my dress two days before the wedding, and it was COMPLETELY wrong. The bust was one size too small (compared to what I ordered), the waist was two sizes too small, and the hips were three sizes too small. HOW THE HELL this happens I have no idea. I ordered a STANDARD size off of their chart and ordered one size too large for myself. I lost weight between ordering and receiving the dress as well, so my measurements were even smaller than originally ordered. Where the entire thing only one size too small it would have fit perfectly. The sizes were CERTAINLY not what I ordered. Because of all this stress, the bride uninvited me and told me I wasn't welcome at her wedding. So I started to go through the steps to returning my dress. The company offered me extra fabric to get it fixed at a local dressmaker's at least five times. I replied EVERY time that I would only be happy with a full refund. I realized they were only giving me the run around so I could not file a dispute with Paypal. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU. FILE ASAP. They finally agreed after a month of arguing with them (almost daily in my emails) to let me send the dress back, THEY would measure it and if it was wrong on their part I would get a full refund. I decided I wasn't taking ANY chances so I measured the dress flat and took photos with the tape measure ON the dress and notes with sizes clearly written out. There was no way they could tell me I was wrong. After paying $40 to ship it back via International Express USPS, it took them another week to refund my money after agreeing it was sized incorrectly. So it took a month and a half to get my money back. I will NEVER be doing business with China again. Not only did this company cause undue stress to myself, but also the bride, the other bridesmaid (who's dress was too small as well), and the maid of honor, who's money was taken but the dress wasn't even made at all.

I'm glad I got my money back but buyer beware BUY AMERICAN.


My order confirmation:

The website sizing chart: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v95/Ms.Magistifo/VPSizechart.jpg

The dress not fitting properly:

My own photos of measuring the dress flat:

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