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06-01-2002, 10:36 PM
Hey... Well, for my fist big Con (Otakon) I decided to go in lain's teddy bear jammies. Right now the only thing that isn't a problem is that my hair is the right color and my parents agreed to letting me cut in the same style. The rest is a problem.

My sister suggested getting material by buying brown blankets or shirts from second-hand stores (I'm on a really tight budget) but I've been looking for some kind of pattern for the puffed out pants for almost three months, and have yet to find anything. If anyone has ever cosplayed as lain, could you please help me?

06-02-2002, 07:04 PM
Hmm...Posting a pic is alweays helpful, but I think I remeber what it looks like, try Simplicity pattern 9807 to start (adult animal costumes). The hat might be tricky try buying one and then gluing fabric to it. I sympathize with the expensive fabric problem, I try to stick to cotton but that probably wont work in this case... flannel has a nice fuzy feel and I've gotten in on sale for 1.99 a yard at Jann Fabrics before; else, since its summer, polar fleece might be on sale and it comes 60 inches wide so that cuts down on your acctaul yardage.

Mei Lan Chang
06-02-2002, 11:44 PM
Puffed out pants? Look in the costume section of pattern books and i bet there will be some clown outfit with poofy pants. Another possible pattern is that of those fat pants that women used to wear under their big dresses. Those should be in pattern books too. ANyhoo, just a suggestion. ^_^ Good luck!