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08-07-2011, 05:58 AM
Just thought i'd share some locations - both well known and obscure. :D All locations are free to vist~ ... Kinda....
(If you have any suggestions/places just tell me and i'll add it to the list~)


+ Opera House, Sydney
(Mind you, they are extremely tight about what you can bring or not so NO, I repeat, NO WEAPONS ALLOWED).

+ Anzac Bridge, Balmain.

+ Dawes Point, The Rocks

+ Hyde Park
(Putting this here cause it's pretty much man made…)

+ The Rocks

+ Epping - Chatswood railway line; lower Epping, Ryde, Maquarie Park/uni stations. I've seen a few art that have those round, underground, subway type setting; THIS RAILWAY LINE IS PERFECT FOR THOSE. *Coughtigerandbunnyfanartcough*

+ Townhall, Sydney. (DUHH)

+ Around St Mary's Catherdral.


+ Observatory Hill and around Sydney Observatory.

+ The Abercombie Hotel, corner of Abecrombie Street and Broadway.
Just closed in 2010 so check it out before it gets bought off and renovated! :D

+ Eveleigh Rail yards, very short walk from Redfern station. (Near the Sydney Technology park; it's where Animania is held.)
HEAPS of old trains!! :D

+ The extra platforms/rail tracks in St James Station, Sydney. (Near Hyde Park)
These have been unaccessible (is this even a word?…) for a while since they aren't in use but there have been a few that have been able to get onto these platforms….

There are also disused tunnels in Redern and Central stations...

+ Middle Head Fort, Mosman. (Use the trip planner to get there if you can't drive)
There is also NO restrictions or fees on PERSONAL photography (you have to pay a bit for commercial use) there so snap away!!! ;)

+ Bunkers at Malabar and La Persouse.
(TAKE A DAMN LAMP/FLASHLIGHT WITH YOU IF YOUR GOING EARLY MORNING OR IN THE AFTERNOON/NIGHT DAMMIT!!! It gets really dark. Don't go by yourself either… These are really isolated…

+ Rookwood Cemetery, Rookwood.

+ Abandoned Dunlop Factory, Alexandria.
I'm not sure if it's open to the public though...

Natural settings:

+ Pretty much any beach. (e.g. MANLY BEACH FTW!!!)
I recommend though, if you can drive, to drive along the coast between Sydney and Newcastle; there are a ton of unused empty beaches~ Just don't go swimming!!! Rifts, no lifeguards and all...)

+ Cumberland State Forest, Castle Hill.

+ There is this epic empty grass plain/bush walking track near Pennant Hills High School (go straight down Lawrence St and keep on walking until you get near the Pony Club. It's also accessible from another street… If you need more info just contact me~ :3

Also, if you live around the Castle Hill - Hornsby area i could give you quite a few more… (about x1000 more LULZ)

08-07-2011, 07:39 AM
You didn't hear it from me, but you can sneak in to the abandoned Old Sydney Town at night for an interesting setting. Though from their website it says they're still open for 'photo opportunities' so maybe it's better to ask.

The reptile park will also allow you to get photos with snakes/lizards/giant turtles. It also has some interesting foresty settings you could pose in.

There's a few places around where I live in Terrigal. There's a massive 'skillion' which is basically a giant hill that reaches out into the ocean.

Terrigal in general also has some interesting beach, lagoon and rocky outcrop with waves crashing into it.

08-14-2011, 06:39 AM
The Skillion is an amazing place. I once took some photos looking out to see from there once. I hope to do a photoshoot there one day, in a couple of years when I'm a more advanced cosplayer..(and better at sewing too!)

10-14-2011, 08:15 PM
I'd like to add that the Chinese Garden of Friendship (in Darling Harbour) is a really good place for photos. You have to pay a small fee to get in, but it's well worth it :)