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08-07-2011, 01:42 PM

I found this seller browsing Etsy one day and I thought the costumes looked beautiful and well made so I sent a message for a quote on a partial costume, a coat. Later that night I got an email back saying it would cost $180 including the belt.
I've never bought a commission before so I really didn't know if I was paying too much or not. She told me I could do half the payment now and not pay the rest until after it was done. Sounds good to me so I payed around late March and told her I needed it before June 10. She informed me I would receive regular updates and photos as it was being made.
Well my only complaint was that the communication started to decline after the first initial payment/contact. I didn't want to be pushy but around a month later I decided to email just to see how it was going. She told me she bought the items and would start sewing it soon.
About another month goes by and I still haven't herad anything so I sent another message just to make sure I'd get it in time. A few days later I was told of course and not to worry. Fast forward another few weeks and about 2 weeks until my convention I'm freaking out I still haven't heard anything or seen any pictures. I desperately send her emails because I'm freaking out. Days go by and I still hadn't heard a word. In one last desperate attempt I emailed someone from her cosplay group and explained to her politely that I was trying to get a hold of her. She emailed me back quickly and told me that she would get a hold of me soon.
Luckily enough, after that she did and she sent me and email telling me it would be in time. I had to ask for a photograph and she sent me a small cellphone photo. Finally the coat was sent out and I received it 2 days before the con! I was very relieved. The coat itself was very beautiful and well-made but it was a littler larger than I had wanted even though I asked for it to be form-fitting, so I had it taken up a bit, not a big deal.

Overall, not a bad deal but the communication was alittle wonky. B+ (would give an A+ if communication improved.)