View Full Version : Persona 3 Blazer Help

Kawaii Pocky
08-08-2011, 04:26 PM
Okay so I'm going to cosplay Minako from Persona 3 Portable and I bought a blazer and I' altering it. I may not alter it completely before my con just because I don't want to end up messing it up and not able to use it for the con. But basically I already removed the shoulder pads, I'm not doing an 80's version of the persona 3 uniform. lol I'm thinking about installing a zipper in the front, I'm not sure yet, or sewing the front shut and cutting off the lapelle/flaps of the suit and removing the button. It has front pockets, I thought they were fake but they're not, but I'm probably going to keep them just because you want all the pockets you can have for a con. lol

Anyhoo, I was wondering if any one had any suggestions or any thing that might help me?

And as for sewing the front shut, I do have to wear a shirt under it and with my giant boobs I'm concerned about not being able to slip the jacket over my head because my boobs block every thing. lol