View Full Version : Please Help, I'm Cosplaying Mail Jeevas (Matt)

Drocell Cainz
08-13-2011, 06:10 PM
^O^ Hello, and thanks for clicking! Yes, it is my first time cosplaying, and I'm REALLY excited :D... I'm going to be cosplaying Mail Jeevas (Matt) from Death Note, along with my friend who will be cosplaying L from Death Note. I've done lots of research, but I do still need help with my wig. I am cosplaying "fanon" (fan-made) Matt, with red hair, black and white striped shirt, so on, and the wig I am purchasing is the correct color, but I have no talent for cutting or styling hair, and I REALLY want it to come out good. I've heard of people taking their wigs to hair dressers to get them cut and styled, and I thought that this might be a good idea. What are your thoughts on how I should get my wig styled? If I did choose to take it to a hair dresser, should I show them actual pictures of the character for examples, or find an actual hair style that looks like Matt's hair? Thank you for reading! ^O^
Oh, and one more thing... I am crossplaying Matt (I am a girl), so any tips on how to make my face (makeup), body, posture, actions, ect. more manly? Are Ace bandages+a sports bra good for binding? What about a sports bra+plastic wrap, held together with a piece of duct tape (somebody told me that this was better than Ace bandages)? Is there anything I can do to make my legs/hips look less curvy and girly? Once again, thank you!