View Full Version : Make a costume, or just buy it in parts?

11-27-2003, 03:06 AM
Alright, this is a costume I would just LOVE to have.

It's the character of Kroenen from the HELLBOY comic book. This is a pic from the movie set and it's just such an awesome costume.

Heres the problem, is this the kind of costume a person makes or is it better to buy the different components of it?

Example. Is it easier and possibly cheaper to purchase the trenchcoat and the Nazi SS coat and hat, rather than make them.

The only thing that would need to be made is the helmet/mask.

Does anyone have experience with helmet making?

here, is a link if you dont know how Kroenen looks like.


11-27-2003, 07:24 AM
I'm not sure.
Some parts would have to be purchased unless you're familiar with leather,so it might be easier to piecemeal.

Make sure you don't get TOO authentic with the nazi coat and such,as it may set some people off. I would try and leave out insignia, even if they ARE there in the costume picture. because people who haven't seen hellboy might get err.. a bit irate.