View Full Version : How To Start Your Own Anime Club

10-26-2002, 11:13 PM
For those of you who don't know, I have been writing articles for www.bootyproject.org I finally wrote my first BIG article and it is on "How to Start Your Own Anime Club" Please go read it if you'd like! On the main page there's a button for the article on the right hand side. Note all html and graphics editing compliments go to John as he did all that nice stuff...I just wrote the article ^_^. All right, I'm done spamming now.

10-27-2002, 01:58 AM
What a coinky-dink. I am in the process with a friend setting up a club at our school. I think I'll take a look. :)

Famira Damaris
10-27-2002, 06:47 PM
We've just set up a club, but we're having some trouble. *scurries over and reads the article* Yah! XD

Gingerbread Man
10-27-2002, 09:00 PM
hehehe....I just started a club at my school, an alternative school none the less, and I only have two members, but that's okay, cause they're both my friends and I can show then pretty much an anime I choose....or just bring the home version of DDR.

10-29-2002, 02:53 PM
I wanna set up a club so that we can MAYBE get a special screening of anime from Funimation! DBZ on the big screen... *drools*