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08-16-2011, 10:07 AM
So my girlfriend and I want to cosplay as Link for the upcoming New York Comic Con. We're both noobs when it comes to cosplaying. I want to go with the traditional green version, a la Twilight Princess, and my girlfriend would go as the red version, a la the Four Swords. The problem is that we're both strapped for cash, so the question is, for everyone who has cosplayed as Link, what's the average price I'm looking at here?

Furthermore, I'm wondering how complete my costume needs to be. Like, I can probably wing the costume without getting a wig or elf ears, right? I guess I'm wondering if being a "minimalist" Link would work. What are the bare essentials needed to be Link (i.e. what makes Link, Link?).

I'll definitely scroll around the other threads and such, but any help would be uber appreciated. Thanks!

08-17-2011, 01:26 AM
Weeeeeell Mr Mephisto, it really depends upon how much you want to spend. Whether YOU want to make the costumes, or have someone else make them, etc. etc.

Personally, I am an absolute retard when it comes to a needle and thread. I seriously have issues putting patches on clothes. So I looked around. Found this person (npccostumes.com) (here's her page for this site http://www.cosplay.com/member/61520)

She made my Dark Link costume, with baldric, gloves, and armguards, as well as the under-tunic and pants for 170. Also, many people in the marketplace, as well as the rest of the internet can do payment plans, if you think that's something you can/want to do.

Other people can make costumes as well, but if you want quality without selling your soul, I'd highly recommend her.

Now, as to what you should have, to cosplay Link. Obviously, the tunic and the hat are his most identifying features. The ears aren't a wig aren't a must, per se. Link does have pointy ears, and not... whatever your hair is. Unless you do have hair like his >> If you want an accurate to-game Link, then yer gonna need it. Fortunately, many places have them for relatively cheap. Aradani studios is like... 30 bucks-ish for a pair, another place (http://www.elf-a-wear.com/ears/long-elf-ears/prod_37.html) has ears for 20. (That link is actually the best I've found. haven't tried any yet though)

Wigs are another story, but just google "wigs" or look around in the marketplace, I'm sure someone'll either have a link or can make you one.

Now, for my bare-bones, cost you nearly nothing Link costume.

Find a long (and I mean LONG) green t-shirt. Make sure it's short sleeved (or cut the sleeves >>). Find a white, high-necked (almost like a turtle-neck) long sleeved shirt. Cut a v in the collar. There's your tunic and under-tunic.

I'm not good with sewing, or explaining how to sew, so i'm not gonna try for the hat. >>

For the pants, find some thin, white pants. (Or go for Ocarina of Time Link, and wear some tights :D)

For boots, see if you can find some brown leather boots.

Valu-village and other thrift second-hand stores are your best friend in this case.

Now your girlfriend is gonna have an easier time, simply because Four Swords Link is Toon Link, and his costume's pretty simple. (http://i935.photobucket.com/albums/ad200/p8ntballsniper87/Red_Link_Four_Swords.png)

Just like before find a long red shirt. Now cut the sleeves off. Find a long sleeved light-red-ish t-shirt. This time with no fancy collar. Take a belt, wrap it around your waist, voila. Toon Link's top half. (obviously, again, i'm no good with the hat :blubber:) Find some white tights, some brown boots, and BAM. Cheap, easy Toon Link.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.