View Full Version : Hi! I need your help for brotherhood. :)

08-18-2011, 12:42 AM

I want to make that and my due date is Aug 2012. So, I have about a year to make it.

However, I am going to change the design to make it slightly more feminine, I am not protrating Ezio (because I can't grow a sexy beard because of my gender) but more like one of his recurits that made to an assassin level. I am also make the costume slightly inspired from ACII.

I have looked through the fourms eariler and there was a slight debate of the clothing itself. The trailers and the game looked like fabric (cotton most likely) while this picture indicates deer leather.

I am not going to do leather in the dead heat of August, I be knocking on Death's doorstep if I do.

I think for the belt buckle and brackets I will make it out of resin because of its durablity and lightness. I can also get pretty detail too and I have the right varish and paints to make it look and feel like metal.

I have made a beta verison of the Piece of Eden that goes along, I will make the final verison pretty soon.

However, I want to ask what is the common mistakes that I should avoid when making this and tips you guys want to give out? :)

09-07-2011, 12:19 AM
It's leather in the game and the official art, fyi. The trailer and fan art uses cottony material. Either is fine so long as it holds its shape.

Honesty, the best place to start is to NOT use this as your #1 reference. This is sort of a rough sketch and there are a lot more updated, larger, crisper pictures if you want to go off references.