View Full Version : Making Armor - Real Brass/Copper/Bronze

08-19-2011, 02:46 PM
So I have decided that I will be starting to make armor (shoulders/boot covers and such) primarily for myself. I found that I can find some sheets of brass and bronze fairly cheap online along with some leather patches/straps. Depending on how well this goes, along with some pushing from people at conventions, I *may* start up a website and start taking commisions for real metal armor and weapon props. I may do this, depends on how fast and cost effective I can make things lol.

Also, a friend of mine that I work with was interested in making a steampunk welder/flamethrower type of character a while back. He used to work in our model shop, so he had access to all the welding equipment and sheet metal equipment to make the stuff he wanted. He has since transfered to another department. He just gave me the welding mask he had started, I have some ideas for it, but I thought I would hit up everyone here and see what you guys think. I will be posting some pictures on here later today for you guys to look at. Let me know that you think.

Here is a picture of the mask so far, I have a few ideas for it already, but new ideas are always welcome in my book :)