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08-23-2011, 08:07 PM
Hey guys, figure I would shoot a line on here since your tips are always useful.
Building a Deathwing head (think back to all those turn in "blanks" head quests) for a costume next year and hit a dilemma.

He's going pretty well for just being in the Pepakura stages (and being about 3x4ft) but I'm wondering if you guys have any good ideas for a support inside of him?
The size for some of his horns and lower jaw is causing the pieces to flop, and I know the resin wont be enough to hold it.
Any suggestions on wire framing,ect?
Was thinking of using expanding foam and a wire frame inside so it has a bit of weight and density to him.

Note: Pepakura proably isn't the best way to go about it, but its the cheapest method for me to screw up with right now (That and its going to be a gift too after its all said and done)

(older photos, have Pep'd a bet more since then)

Any suggestions are welcome!

08-29-2011, 04:14 PM
you could use wire mesh glued to the inside of the structure. Hot glue and craft mesh should give enough support till you can resin it.

The resin is stronger then you seem to give it credit for once its fully hardened. If that is still not enought, they expanding foam and or fiberglass the inside. Seems like your tracking well, and i have to admit I am a bit interested as to how you will carry this thing around all day / work it in to a costume.

08-29-2011, 10:50 PM
To be honest, I'm more worry about the head collapsing before I even get to the resining >_< He sits for a couple weeks on end with school and I'm terrified of him getting squished somehow.
I've seen how strong resin gets, but really on smaller pieces (Halo armor and such), so i wasn't sure how it would translate to a larger scale.
(I really should be using a thicker paper then cardstock I think)

At this point I'm not exactly sure how I plan on using him. He started up as a skit prop idea for another convention (Head turn in, and basically mocking the winner of the roll about lugging it back to Orgrimmar, to flesh it out quickly.)
Or using it with a Human Deathwing costume.

09-03-2011, 02:00 PM
Hey...just happen to stumble upon this...but you might wanna check this out then:


might save you the trouble of having to make the thing yourself through pepakura ;) There should be a way to upscale it, but no clue how to do that (if the size isn't good enough) It is big enough to wear, but you'll have to cut out a bit of the inside of the mouth then...otherwise your head won't fit in.

I made this model in pepakura myself as well as test build it. I've been wandering around with it for 3 days and there were no floppy parts or anything like that...The way I made the mouth 'stay' where it is supposed to be is with split pins (is that the correct word? XD)

Hope this helps any!