View Full Version : Room for Two People Downtown

08-24-2011, 07:56 PM
We've had a couple of people back out on a friend and me, so we have room for two people in our room.

It's at the Ritz Carlton, two blocks up from the Westin, three form the Hyatt. We have the room for four nights - Thursday til Monday Morning.

Limiting the room to 4 people, in order to leave room for changing costumes and because, well, don't want to have to crawl over people to get to my stuff. Both of us are beginners when it comes to making costumes, but we love to have fun and love to meet new people.

Cost for all four nights is $250 per person and includes all taxes.
Cost for three nights is $195 per person.

Come stay where you are close enough to walk, but not dealing with the noise of the constant crowds all day and night.

PM me if yoga are interested!