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09-04-2011, 05:21 AM
Hey, I'm totally new to cosplay.com AND cosplaying as a whole, and I think that I've decided on Psycho Mantis as my first endeavor. So if it's cool with the crowd here, I'd like to see all of your designs, hear all of your suggestions and ideas, and also hear your stories and experiences while cosplaying MGS characters. I'm on a super tight budget, but I want to make a quality costume that I can wear again and again. Getting the mask is going to be a challenge, for the sole reason of price. Gas masks can't be cheap, can they? On to the other issues... What to use for the bodysuit? Latex? Spandex? I live in Arizona, in the heart of the valley, so I need something that will freaking breathe. I'm enthusiastic about cosplaying, but I don't think I'm quite ready to die for it. And then, how to craft the creepy bondage restraints on the chest and such. I have no experience sewing, but I want to learn. I've worked with leather a little bit (when I was in Boy Scouts) but I'm not a skilled craftsman by any means. This picture is a pretty nifty reference. I'm sure loads of you have seen it, and probably used it for yourselves.

09-05-2011, 04:38 PM
Awesome costume to try and do. I think people use spandex or such for the outfit he wears, wthout sleeves and not sure if leather pants that were thin enough might work, but you can always go with spandx for the tights too. The bondage straps look easy enough to do, its just a matter of cuttng out strips long enough to attach to the center ring and connect to the belt. You just have to sew the straps closed on the ring.

The hardest part is his gasmask, kit looks like it'll have to be custom made. Boots seem easy enough to get, and his gloves look like it could be latex or something thin like it. Hope this helps, I dunno much about materials.