View Full Version : Teal for Nia's hair?

Sakura Blizzard
09-11-2011, 12:21 PM
I was wondering if these loose extensions I found can work with blonde for Nia's hair. Cause there's only one picture and I don't want to buy it and it's the wrong color. -_-'


Don't have picture of wig sorry. Thanks. Me and a friend are trying to do a group thing so yeah...Thanks! :D

Sorry I can't be anymore specific.

10-06-2011, 08:25 PM
If you live near a value village, you can try looking at there wigs since halloween stuff should be out by now. Cause i know the one that is near my house, there is this wig that is white with light blue highlights in it and you can pull off the cosplay with just that wig (:

But in my opinion. i dont think you even need teal/blue extensions in the wig.
Cause the blue, it's just shadow from the hair.


Normal hair doesn't grow on the tips on different parts on the area of the hair.
You can just use a long curly white wig or even a light light blue, just to give the wig some colour.

But this is just my opinion =/

10-06-2011, 08:31 PM
I think that teal would look really great for Nia! I think that the length is perfect for attaching it to a longer pale blonde wig. :) All I can say is that I advise against using costume quality wigs for a base, especially since you are using high quality fibers as extensions.

And I don't really think that the blue is a shadow of the hair... ^^; This is coming from a Gurren-tard haha.

10-12-2011, 06:06 PM
@tehkukikookie: But im saying it is =/
coming from a artist who knows about value and light direction.
But im just saying though....

10-12-2011, 11:44 PM
I'm sorry to possibly blow this out of proportion, but it really isn't. And I'm an artist as well. :] If you take a look at photos of Nia in every angle of light such as the ones shown here (www.google.com/search?q=nia+teppelin&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=l8D&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=SGyWToXCD8Lu0gH4hYS2BA&ved=0CCYQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=639) and even her figure, which shouldn't have any shading in it here (http://www.japanator.com/elephant/ul/10191-620x-crop.jpg), one can see that it is teal/French blue in all types of light. :3


Normal hair doesn't grow on the tips on different parts on the area of the hair.

Nia is anything but normal. In her actions, what she's made of, and how she speaks. D: