View Full Version : Help for Liz and Patty cosplay? (also, a side note about DTK)

09-21-2011, 09:42 AM
Hey everyone! I'm totally new here, but I really need help with this.

Me, my best friend, and my boyfriend are going to cosplay this coming spring as Liz, Patty, and Death the Kid (in that order.) My friend already has the bloomer shorts for her costume - her mom's pretty good with sewing and said they weren't as hard as they looked. I have a plan for my bottoms that I'm fully equipped to execute on my own. It's the tops and ties and the hats that are giving us problems. I've seen it suggested that a modified turtleneck pattern would work, but my mom, who hates and isn't very good at sewing thought we should literally modify a turtleneck and cut the sleeves off. We've put a message out on Tellall, but she's still wary about it. What do you think our best option is?

Also, this weekend, I'm going to go to the fabric store and get the fabric for it. What should I look for? I don't know who - if anyone - is going to reply to the message, and neither me nor my mom is a good enough seamstress to work with knit - but it would probably look better on the top.

Also, the hats. ...help. I'm very lost.

Finally: the note about DTK. How hard would it be to make his broach by hand (What would I need and where would I get what I need?) - or where can I get a good one for not a lot of money?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

09-25-2011, 09:20 AM
I think a modified turtleneck pattern would work much better.

Maybe paper mache for the hats?

Also, as for DTK's broach, buy a package of polymer clay and pin backs, and sculpt it, then superglue the pin back to the broach once it is baked.

09-29-2011, 05:20 PM
for the hats, I'd get two fadoras and some cardboard, then papermiche the POOP out of it, paint it white, and add the periwinkle felt.
As for the tops, I agree with the modified turtle neck.