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09-21-2011, 11:48 AM
Hi there! :)

I am new to cosplaying so planning to make my first costume has been pretty hard. I plan on making a Yoshi costume and I'm having trouble coming up with a stable way to make the giant Yoshi head. I'd like for the head to sit on top of mine and wrap around underneath my chin. I drew this (very poor) sketch of what I'd like it to look like:


I'd like for the head to be plushie rather than hard. So I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for constructing this? I thought maybe constructing the head with cardboard (with the inside of a bicycle helm in it to keep it on my head) then somehow (with clever engineering) surrounding it with filling, then putting the fabric on top of that.

Or using cardboard, then putting paper craft of some sort on top of that, then putting the fabric on top of that.

I think chicken wire may be another way but I'm not familiar with that at all.

If anyone has any ideas to which one would work better, I would greatly appreciate it. But keep in mind that I am a noob so I gotta work my way up to the hard techniques. :)

Thankies! :3

09-23-2011, 02:59 PM
Hey there!

Checked in on my lunch break and thought you had a very cute idea =) I started to think of ways that you could make one, and did some googling on Yoshi Plushies, or making a plushy.

I ended up coming to this youtube video,


which linked to this website which has a template to make a papercraft Yoshi:


If I were tackling this project, I think I would try felt material, since it is fairly stiff... or if you want a very soft costume, maybe you can use fleece, and get a very stiff batting to stuff it with. I would try something like the pattern above but enlarge it for your hat, and then make it into a sewing pattern. You may want to mock up a trial of it before you invest a lot of money into materials =)

I think it could be super cute and want to see when you get started/finished!!

I think felt or fleece would work for a hat, with stuffing, I don't think you will need any other stabilizers, but I could be wrong. Trial and error >.< Unless someone else has already done so and can give feedback to you? That would be great to see also!

Good luck...