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09-24-2011, 03:35 PM
Hey there everyone!
I'm brandy new to cosplay and to the forums here, but I'm jumping right in :) I've always wanted to cosplay, and this year I've decided that I'm doing a MGS1 Solid Snake costume for Halloween, no matter what! Well, I've started to research it, and have found mostly what I'm going to need. However, I've run into two problems; 1)the Vest he wears, and 2)the suit he has on underneath it all. I was thinking for the undersuit I could probably just use a flightsuit, but I haven't been able to find a cheap one (I'm trying not to spend more than $50 on any one piece of the costume). So any thoughts on what I could use for the undersuit? Also, any ideas/thoughts on what I can do for that muscle vest thing? Thanks everyone!
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09-29-2011, 03:29 AM
Ok so this year I finally completed my Snake Solid costume for FANIME 2011 and this what I used (I probably spent about $640-$675 on this):
Propper BDU's customized, I removed the bottom to pockets from the coat and had them sewed on to the sleeves. The camoflauge pattern I used was Subdued urban which has been discontinued since 2009.

BDUs from bdu.com ($45) but the ones I used are no longer avaliable :lost:
black G.I. LC-2 pistol belt ($20 local surplus shop)
BDS tactical M16 drop rig pouch ($75 holds up to 6 30rd .223 mags) bdstacicalgear.com
Eagle industries SAS MP5 drop rig ($65 holds 3 SMG mags) eagleindustries.com
Bison last chance belt (BDU belt $12 from local camping shop)
Yates USN assault harness ($150 yatesgear.com)
Alta tactical elbow & knee pads (about $20 knee pads $10 elbow pads from botachtacical)
Altama padded jungle boots ($50 clearance from vtarmynavy.com)
Rocky tactical rappel gloves ($10 from local cop shop on clearance rack)
Guarder SWAT vest ($150 from Taiwan intrudershop.com.tw)
and I used various pouches on the belt a mix of Bianchi(dual pistol mag case) and G.I. ALICE (single pistol mag pouch, compass/bandage pouch)

I cut up a old black t-shirt for Snake's headband/bandana.

09-29-2011, 03:36 AM
I dont think you can make a snake costume with in the $50 range. Its more possible with in the $100 range.
tactical boots from Big 5 $20-$30
tactical vest $35-$50
nylon pistol belt $10
Black BDUs set(shirt and pants) $40-$80 or you could simply wear black slacks or Dickes work pants and wear a black work shirt or hooded sweat shirt
knee pads & elbow pads $20 ($10 each pair)
black finger cut gloves $5-$10