View Full Version : Regarding the Otaku Royale

Lady Ava
12-03-2003, 11:20 AM
As of December 3rd, 2003, the Otaku Royale has been moved to AnimeNEXT, which is at the end of June in New Jersey.

My reasons for changing the program dates are many, both personal and logical.

Nothing is going right as of now. I'm stressed beyond all belief to get everything done on time, but its causing my health to go downhill. I've lost sleep, haven't been feeling well, crashing headaches and just haven't been eatting all that much because I've been doing work reguarding this project. Its disorganized because people are not giving me everything at one time like I've asked them too. I cannot afford to get sick at this point with all my school work.

There is one of my other reasons. School comes first....not anime and cosplay.

Until the time of the actual filming, there will be many changes in the program's structure. All Moderators, Judges, and Players, will have to fill out an application. This will be for my usage to determine if the people are actually experienced enough to do something like this. I cannot have people who haven't been to cons or have been cosplaying long enough judging and moderating such a thing.

I'm sorry to those who wished to take part in the Katsucon one. But, my choice will now stand. I will have more time to prepare this project to make it flawless. There will be less chaos this way and save me from stressing.

So, once again, I'm sorry....but it will offically stay this way.