View Full Version : TF2 Engineer, Newbie, Critique my progress please.

10-10-2011, 11:48 AM
Hey everyone, I am totally new to this, but this year for halloween, I am taking advantage of being able to put together a costume to do it right, and be able to use it again for other events.

Anyways, I am an american in germany, and I'm really limited on what I can find, I know the bibs/overalls are wrong, I plan on dying them black, the helmet and knee pads are painted yellow now, and the goggles are black now instead of chrome. Also, I know the helmet should be backwards, but this is the closest helmet I could find, and it looks retarded backwards. Also I got an Guitar that I will probably take with me, and I am going to print up some "Red shed" Lables for bottles.

I still gotta make a hook to hold the extention cord, and gotta find the pouches. The plan is to either get a big ass wrench, or make one, I am going to make one of the tool boxes, and probably a Level 1 dispensor for now.

Also, I am planning on shaving my head, I usually keep it shaved anyways, I will probably have a 5 o'clock shaddow simmular to what I have now, and I need to print and attack the wrench logo on the sholders.

so, the big question: How is it so far? Anything Glaringly wrong, any sugestions etc.

10-18-2011, 06:04 PM
looks great so far :)

just don't forget to put the class emblems near your shoulders