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10-18-2011, 05:53 PM
**** I wasnt sure if this should be here or Comics or both so I put it in both if it shouldnt be here feel free to delete put I didnt think it would be inappropriate to place this in either*****

Ok so a friend of mine who hasnt made costumes wants to go to dragoncon as beast or wolverine but needs help with construction. Im a little bias and personally would rather see a beast so thats the costume Ive been aiming for him. I also think it would be a bit easier for him. Im thinking the costume would be mostly about painting and fur.

So the beast we have in mind is kinda a mid ground for the 90's beast and kelsey grammer. I dont want to put him in a suit cause I think thats way to easy. I would love to see him in his spandex underwear put im pretty sure thats not going to fly so Im thinking spandex shorts like this 2005 beast something a bit more appropriate for the kiddies.


Pretty sure we can find some navy spandex mens shorts, maybe even yellow (im personally leaning towards yellow cause I rather paint dark on light then vice versa) mark of the pants and paint in the x shape.

So good so far, now comes that body. Ive never personally painted and entire body. Im assuming air brushing is the best choice for body paint but ill research and make sure (especially with the amount of area of blue ill need). Now beast we want him furry but we dont want him to look like a stuffed animal with cheap fur on. Here where I dont have a clue. How should you approach his body type. I was thinking getting like some kind of mesh suit and inserting hair into certain areas?(I dont even know if anyone makes that).I think I would need hair mostly on the head of course( wig?), arms, calfs/knees. I would say that I could get away with leaving the chest without hair to a degree. More hair fading into the arms that kind of thing. If the guys legs were harry enough Im wondering if I can just use that to my advantage.

Anywho, hope anyone can help I work best when brainstorming with others and hopefully you more experienced cosplayers cna give me a clue. Thanks!

11-16-2011, 07:57 AM
For the dace, I would suggest looking into werewolf prosthetic applications, air brush them the same color as you would his skin. For the skin, don't forget to do an undertone of purple (very light) to offset the yellow in the skin. As for the fur, I would say that depends on how many times you're going to wear it and how much time you're willing to invest. Patches of fur applied to latex painted pieces would be best to add onto his body if he's already the right shape for it.