View Full Version : Cable X-Men Arm

10-18-2011, 08:55 PM
Hey, so this is my first time cosplaying pretty much ever and after this years comic con me and my friends have decided to go as characters from the Marvel comics series Cable and Deadpool. That being said, I'm trying to design myself a cable costume, I plan to go in a trenchcoat like the character wore for alot of the series but my real problem is the arm. I've thought of alot of different ideas, and borrowed from other cosplayers talking about creating armor etc, but i didn't really feel it because for this character its not armor, or an automail attachment, its his arm. I'm not going for ultra realism, but something flexible like a real arm is needed so...

My Idea:

Once again, I'm a first time cosplayer, so I'm hoping you guys can tel me if this is possible and or a good idea, but i planned to buy a silver morphsuit, cut off the head and the arm im no using, then, on the metal arm, supergluing silver bass guitar strings (havent decided horizontal or vertical) around my arm. It's flexible, simple, and my favorite part, really metal. Please tell me what you guys think about this, because I'm not sure what to think.