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10-21-2011, 11:11 AM
My questions relates to my Sunday costume for Youmacon. For World Steam Expo this past spring, I made an costume in a green/tan/brown color scheme. My friends decided it looked vaguely Earth Kingdom-esque.

What I would like to know is how I might go about adding details to make this blatantly Steampunk Earth Kingdom.

A picture of the outfit can be found here (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/bluemoon62291/307473_2118237442208_1433910144_32019673_150690918 9_n.jpg)

I had the idea of adding a gold chain belt ornamented with Asian coins to the corset.

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10-22-2011, 09:00 PM
Now with working link. (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/bluemoon62291/307473_2118237442208_1433910144_32019673_150690918 9_n.jpg)

01-25-2012, 10:25 AM
Ribii, that is a gorgeous design! I love the colors you used too.

Steampunk ATLA is something I've been thinking about as well, especially with the introduction of Korra's world looking rather steampunk. I think it would be really cool to come up with steampunk type designs for the four nation. A steampunked earthbender?! Heck yes!