View Full Version : Girl-kimono vs Guy-kimono: How hard could it be?

10-21-2011, 10:51 PM
Okay, so I've worn guy-kimono often enough, including hakama. For Halloween this year I thought I'd go the traditional route by crossdressing, since I've got a girl-kimono (had made it for an ex-girlfriend who didn't want it) and I recently had a vintage obi literally fall into my lap. I know there's other items involved (tabi, obi scarf, obijime, underwear etc), which I'm either making or improvising from stuff I've got on hand. However, everyone tells me that girl-kimono are really hard to put on, and that I'll need someone to help me.

This makes me a tad nervous, since first off, I don't think there are any other kimono-savvy folks around that would be able to help, and second off, I'm nervous that if I've got somebody helping me get dressed they're going to try and "add" things that I'm not comfortable with, like make-up and hair ornaments. (Yes, I'm planning to use some, but I'd rather not have help with it.)

Now, I'm a pretty capable guy, and I'm used to pain in the butt clothing (namely hakama), so I'm wondering just how much more complicated girl-kimono could be that I'd need help with it.