View Full Version : Help with Solid Snake costume.

10-22-2011, 04:25 PM
Okay.. So, first of all, hello everyone, im new here, so sorry if this goes in wrong section and sorry about my bad english.

Im new in cosplay, but im starting to get interested about cosplaying, and I want Solid Snake costume from Metal Gear Solid 1.
I didn't find any good tutorial/Guide, so now i'm asking from here.

So, does anyone have any idea of what i need beside gun?
Price range doesn't matter, because i have about half year time to do this costume.

Thank you and sorry again if this is in wrong section. -Freeroad.

Snake Plissken
12-05-2011, 12:46 AM
Ok. I was thinking of doing the Solid Snake costume from MGS (1) for Halloween next year. I've done some research and found most of what I need from US Army Surplus stores.


1. navy flight suit $46.95
2. ranger vest-black $26.99
3.LBE-H suspenders-black $9.95
4.Nylon Pistol belt-black $9.95
5. Double pistol mag pouch- black (qty.2) $9.50 each
6. ULH: Leg Holster- black $24.95
7. Rappelling Gloves $17.50

( to simulate Snakes SOCOM Pistol)
1. UKArms STARS collectible full size airsoft pistol with light and laser $9.00
2. mock silencer for Marui/y&p mk23& kwa/ksc Kp45 tactical $10.00


1. mens Guardian tall work boot $54.99

Total cost for all of the above: $229.28 (not including Shipping and Handling).

Hope this helps.