View Full Version : choose my fate!

06-03-2002, 01:52 AM
Dramatic, but true. I fear I'm decision-impaired. Besides I've never done a poll before! I'm in the karaoke contest at AX - I am signed up and not backing down. :drink: I have to have three songs - I probably won't make it past the prelims, but I have to be ready anyway. I have to change the second (semifinal) song, I chose with a cold and now it's too low! D'oh. For prelims I'm signed up with Ride on Shooting Star (FLCL ED), finals is The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop ED; it's a bit high but I was dared to do it lol). Help me choose the semi-final song! I don't care what you base your decision on, I just need something to sway me in one direction or another. I don't have a matching costume if I do Boogiepop or Saiyuki, although I thought about doing something last minute - cosplaying all four leads of Saiyuki, one recognizable accessory from each, lol. ^^ BTW none of these will make anyone want to kill me, my voice is decent, lol.