View Full Version : Suikoden 3 cosplayers unite for Megacon 04

12-07-2003, 10:02 PM
Dire need of rounding up some Suikoden 3 cosplayers for Megacon 2004

I'm workin on Lilly Pendragon costume for Megacon 04, and lately Ive seen some Sarahs and Yubers sooo lets gather a big group to cosplay together on Saturday or just hang out.
Its such a shame Suikoden 3 doesnt get the recognition for its artwork and videogame as other games like FFX does. Personally i played FFX and dont find it intriguing as people make it out to be. Lets show em that Suikoden trilogy is just as good in art form as any Final fantasy video game. :jjacks:

hehe i feel so alpha right now! weeee!

feel free to email me at msarria@ringling.edu