View Full Version : Skull Cosplay?

11-11-2011, 10:41 PM
So I am attempting to cosplay skull. I have absolutely no idea where to start. Here are some reference pictures.

So I'm not sure how to do...anything. Should the outfit be made out of a bodysuit? Would that be best? That material is just...bleh to sew on. How about the helmet? Should I just buy one and modify it?
Lastly the lip ring, and chain. I'm in no position to get my bottom lip pierced anytime soon or a chain attached. Does anyone know where I can buy fake ones?

01-15-2012, 01:32 PM
Id buy a basic black vinyl or pleather or even cotton body suit, like you would use for celty from drrr, i would either sew or fabric glue on the other fabric colors, but it is easier if you have someone else do it while the costume is on you so that the placement looks right
for the helmet I would buy a basic motorcycle helmet and paint it using plastic safe paints or sharpies!
I know there are a couple of sites online that will probably have the fake piercing and chain (hottopic.com should for sure) You may have to buy one and make your own. I know our local costume store sells the fake piercing ring, so u could use necklace chain and attach the two pieces together!~
Hope this helps! ANythin else?