View Full Version : Lion King cosplay help?

11-16-2011, 12:10 PM
So, I've commissioned a suit of a Lion King style cub for the upcoming convention that I'm going to be attending.

However, due to a bit of a time crunch, the artist I commissioned will only have the partial suit done by the convention. For any who don't know, that means I'll have hand paws, arms, feet paws, a tail and a head when february rolls around. We've discussed this, and I'm totally fine with just having the partial, then getting the bodysuit finished and shipped after the convention.

However, because I will not have a full suit, I'll need to wear some sort of clothing along with the partial suit, and was wondering what would be most effective to convey the fact that I am supposed to be a Lion King cub?

The arms will be long enough that they allow me to wear short sleeved shirts, but I need to be able to wear pants.

Thank you so much for any suggestions c: