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11-23-2011, 02:18 AM
Hi friends! :wave: I am going to be cosplaying Italy Veneziano from Hetalia soon and I was just curious if you know some of some fun places to cosplay? (I have also cosplayed Fem! Prussia as well.) ^_^

Of course I know that you can cosplay at the anime conventions, but, the next one I am planning on going to is AnimeNext in New Jersey, which is in June! @.@ I also know you can cosplay at the malls and at meet ups as well (but I don't have a lot of meet ups around where I live :waaaah: )

So I just wanted your opinion! Where do you think are the best places to try out your cosplays? Where do you enjoy cosplaying? :3

Thank you very much for your input, I greatly appreciate it~:heart:

11-23-2011, 02:30 AM
I'm not sure I entirely understand what you are asking for, but if you're looking for a place to do a meetup or photoshoot I definitely have a few ideas. It really depends on the character and series, but I find public parks are a good start. Especially if you have a big park nearby that has lots of different attractions. Forested areas are nice, because there is usually lots of scenery to play with. Also, beaches/waterfront areas can be nice too. Or if you are doing a more urban character/series, look for places that have run down buildings, under bridges, alley ways, train tracks... stuff like that. Make sure it's safe though, and you aren't trespassing lol
Be careful about cosplaying at malls though. Security tends to not like cosplayers very much XD

11-23-2011, 02:42 AM
I`m sorry I should have been a bit more specific. XD Yep! Now that I think about it, I wanted to find some good places for Meetups and photo-shoots (also places to just have fun with cosplaying like Role Playing!) ^^ Yeah, I heard that people actually cosplay at malls, although, I have never tried it. (the security intimidates me... XDD)

Thank you for your wonderful ideas though! I would have never thought about the beaches/waterfront scenery. Hehe, I really wanna try that now! I suppose it`s all about the creativity! I also have a park with a wooden castle. It actually belongs to the elementary school but is open to the public on the weekend and it has a spacious field too. :D I will also take a look around for run down buildings and alleyways and such. (and yep, I`ll be careful no to trespass! XD)

Thank you so much for your great ideas! You really helped me out a lot! I appreciate your help!! X33

Thanks again!:D

11-23-2011, 02:47 AM
No problem! I'm happy to help :3 Good luck!

11-23-2011, 02:51 AM
Thank you~ X33

11-23-2011, 07:10 AM
Part of the issue is what your wearing. If your costume is casual, just unique, you probably wont have any issues. As I said in another thread, I'm thinking seriously of doing some like Gajinka cosplay at the Mall of GA. On the other hand, I would never do somone obviously dangerous like most Comic Book heros (The Punisher comes to mind first, as an example...)

Remember that unless your doing a popular USA-based series that 90% of people wont recognize you. Also depending on how in-depth you go, people may not know... A friend of mine went out in a red trenchcoat (in an anime-saturated city) and got called a pimp/whore, Alucard, Dante, and Vash (not that she minded any of those later 3...). On the other hand, I'm looking at when I finish, wearing a gajinka Rainbow Dash cosplay, and given how unique her colors are, and that it's an insanely popular USA series, I'm betting most people will realize who she is (except for the handful that will doubtlessly think it's some kind of Gay Pride demonstration.... O_o)

In short:
If you play it safe, you can cosplay a 'lite' version of most characters in public, but dont expect recognition.

11-23-2011, 08:19 AM
I am not one for public cosplaying...I think it is a younger age group that finds this fun (but to each his own). But in saying that, I still think public cosplay should be an outdoor thing...go to a park or something. Malls are not a good place to cosplay.

11-23-2011, 09:53 AM
I am not one for public cosplaying...I think it is a younger age group that finds this fun (but to each his own). But in saying that, I still think public cosplay should be an outdoor thing...go to a park or something. Malls are not a good place to cosplay.

I dont think its as much a younger group thing as it is how much of an exibitionist you are. I'd do it JUST to see how many people recognize my costume because I love getting reactions out of people ;)

11-23-2011, 10:05 AM
I agree with what people have said on here. If you do plan on going to a mall for a small cosplay meet up, you have to be very very careful with what goes on, how your friends behave, and how you are dressed. Also, be prepared for lots of people to stare, and some idiots to make rude remarks. Just ignore them. lol
make sure that your costumes are public appropriate, don't bring props, and make sure the people in your group are well behaved and relatively quiet (not causing a public disturbance). For example, when I cosplay Sweeney randomly (I do at school, at the mall, sometimes in NYC if I am going to the Halloween store), I always make sure to keep my fake razors well hidden (and I only bring the extremely fake 'con friendly' ones out of my house), and I am very very careful with them, I don't take them out and wave them around etc.

I think there are a couple cons that are coming up near NJ in February.. i think. lol animecons.com has a schedule of a lot of cons in the US
How far are you willing to travel for a con? If you are willing to travel up to 4hrs, that opens more con going opportunities for you (ex: Anime Boston is coming up in April).

11-23-2011, 10:29 AM
I'm 32 years old and my friends (who are older than I am) and I love to cosplay in public. We don't just go haywire though, we have several civic events we do it at. I would be hesitant to cosplay at the local malls here too, one in particular. Why? Unfortunately there was an incident a couple of years ago, where a guy went to a store that sold knives and sword replicas, and asked to see one of the swords. He seemed perfectly normal..until he got the sword in his hand. Then he proceeded to run around the mall whipping the sword around, until the police showed up and finally taser'ed him. Ever since then, that mall has been extremely tetchy about practically everything.

11-23-2011, 11:48 AM
then he proceeded to run around the mall whipping the sword around, until the police showed up and finally taser'ed him. Ever since then, that mall has been extremely tetchy about practically everything.

This falls under "weapons safty" and sadly some peopleare just idiots... there is nothing wrog with owning or carrying weapons - just one must know how to handle them. I regularily carry knives on me, do photo shoots with live steel, and if im raveling someplace risky may even bring my .44 (yes i have a permit, and i do have to go into the bad part of town for work occasionally), and i wouldnt hesitate to pull any of them out in an emergancy, but to do that... i hope said person got a proper jail sentance. This is the reason the world is getting so paranoid about gun control. Idiots should not be allowed anything dangerous, but the few are ruining life for the rest of us...

sorry for the rant, just wanted to point out the differene in responcible weapons use and... well... idiots...

but on that note, I would never carry even a TOY gun or blade when cosplaying in public (if you must have one for a photo shoot or such, keep it in your car or aa LOCKED case), an empty holster is bad enough and will draw some attention, but cops will often tase first and ask questions later (or worse depending on the event/area)

11-23-2011, 12:05 PM
The majority of my costumes are characters who live primarily in one of two kinds of settings:

1. Slightly futuristic urban decay in a big dirty city
2. Faux-medieval with adventures through the wilderness

For a good photoshoot in setting #2, all you need to do is find a forest or field - or even a back yard, if you angle your camera down from above or up from below so you're not catching the neighbors' house or chainlink fence. There's an old house for sale (has been for years) in my new neighborhood, made of stone, with circular towers at the corners; I really want to stop by there sometime and get some pics of characters who are associated with castles. Only outside, of course. Not breaking and entering, no matter how abandoned and awesome the house is. ;)

For setting #1, best thing I've ever found? Parking garages. Lots of concrete and steel, sometimes rusty barriers and grungy stairwells, narrow back alleys and stuff down below. And if the parking garage is downtown in a city, you can get some of the tall buildings in the background, especially if you go up on a roof. Some of my favorite shots ever were taken from the top of a local parking garage, with rusty fire escapes and graffiti on the building behind me, and a slightly twisted chain-link fence running off to the side.

11-23-2011, 12:53 PM
In regards to the mall incident and the guy with the sword, I suspect some form of mental illness or substance issue. But true, people like that DO ruin things for all of us, as nobody draws any distinction between headcases like that, and harmless costumed actors, martial artists, or others.

And people can be irrational too- after the mall incident, apparently a crapload of mall workers were scared to come into work, and some of them blamed the business which sold the swords, saying that they didn't feel safe. I guess they forgot how many years the place had been doing business without incident, or that the idiot in question was a genuine aberration- Nutcases such as him are far from a regular occurrence.

11-24-2011, 12:19 PM
I don't see any problems with public cosplay as long as your behaviour is good.
I often go to Homestuck cosplay meet-ups and we've been into shopping centres (malls but we don't commonly call it that in England) with facepaint, horns and all. It didn't 'disturb the public' as most people acted as if it was completely normal and we certinately don't do it to get a reaction out of people, we just want to have fun.

Obviously there are limits to what kind of cosplay you should wear in public places, though. Nothing threatening or that covers your face or overly complex, I'd say.

Ideas for interesting places to cosplay.. aside from the obvious like parks and places with good scenery, how about somewhere fun like a zoo, bowling or an aquarium? Those are some places that me and some of my friends are planning to go cosplaying Homestuck for fun and it provides good entertainment.

12-13-2011, 03:02 AM
most places that I can suggest have already been said, as well as the advise about what is appropriate for certain places, however I would like to add in a few things from my own personal experiences as well as some of my friends.

If you're going to search for places to do more urban type cosplays, such as alleyways, ran down areas, etc. BE VERY CAREFUL.
Sometime earlier in the summer this year, I searched my area downtown and found an alleyway with some pretty awesome graffiti for a nice TWEWY shoot. Sadly, behind the alleyway was a VERY ROUGH apartment complex, and parked outside it was some guys staring me down as I pulled up to the place, and as I was ABOUT to open the door so did they, so I left. Obviously certain alleyways and such can be a popular place for druggies, gang members, robbers, thugs, so on. IF you're going to go to these places, DO NOT go alone, and make sure whoever you're with is tougher than whoever you may meet x_x

I know quite a few friends who do several revealing cosplays, please note that if you're going to go to a public place, to please keep it safe as far as how revealing your costume is. Don't go to the mall dressed as Yoko. Parks can depend on what you're wearing sometimes, I guess. Just note that if you go to the park, 9 times out of 10 you're going to be seen by young children at some point or another, so keep it clean. As they would say when I was in school, when they took us to the YMCA at the end of the year - "if you can't wear it to the pool, you shouldn't wear it here".

As for going ANYWHERE public, you always have a bit more confidence and safety in numbers. It's ok to go by yourself to a safe place to cosplay, but you'll feel a bit more... "unusual" when you're by yourself and get looks. I should know, lol - I don't have many friends in my town who cosplay. I've gone to parks, bridges, etc. by myself and it was quite awkward being the only person in the whole area dressed up running around holding my little tripod and all, but if I were with a friend I probably wouldn't feel so secluded. This is up to you though and how far you'd be willing to go to get that perfect picture of your cosplay.

One last thing about searching for places. Do search places in your town but search nearby your own front door too, often you can get good pictures using either a brick wall, grass, perhaps a tree or some bushes, flowers, pavement, etc. as your backdrop.
I'm lucky enough to live next door to an old abandoned house and a 100 year old hardly-ever-used school. My dad preaches at a church with a HUUUUGE blacktop parkinglot with no lines, tall brick stairs, a empty feild on one side and a cemetery on the other. For years these places seemed just so ordinary to me, but after I got into cosplay, they seemed to be amazing places for pictures :) just don't take too many pictures at one location so often, make sure you have some variety!