View Full Version : Pic of my AXNY costume of Yukino (also worn today on Halloween)

10-31-2002, 09:58 PM

I uploaded it here...since no one can be found that took pics of me during the actual convention...so I took this pic today and made it all nice and lined up with the character design sketch. Go lookie.

Mei Lan Chang
10-31-2002, 11:10 PM
Hahha, I love the way you incorporated that pic with the actual character! Great costume!

10-31-2002, 11:19 PM
Very cool! Much likie!

*is impressed*


11-01-2002, 12:01 AM
Ah what a cool idea! Nice! ^^

11-01-2002, 08:37 AM
Whenever I see her cosplayed though, I always see that outfit. (No offence) Has anyone ever seen her school outfit cosplayed? Ive wanted to do it but I have had to wait until I went to a con with my Arima.

11-01-2002, 02:52 PM
Yeah!!!!!!! That is really awesome! :bigtu:

You should carry around a little sign the says "Down with Arima" *laughs and glomps Arima* I love Arima!!!

11-02-2002, 10:10 AM
Great costume!! I just started watching Kare Kano and I love it!! So many costumes I wish to make and so little time!

11-02-2002, 10:27 AM

11-02-2002, 02:34 PM
Umm actually i've onlyt seen her homeoutfit cosplayed like 3 times. I;'ve seen about a million yukino school uniforms. But mine and Dommi's rocked the most when we took over washington DC in them =p

11-02-2002, 03:06 PM
*nods nods* I've only seen one other person do Miyazawa's sweatsuit but I've seen plenty more do her school uniform.

*shrug* Heh... yay me! I somehow managed to comment on the pic before you posted the picture ^o^ Well as I said I'm happy to see sweatsuit Miyazawa. It's so cute and funny.

11-03-2002, 01:45 AM
Oh thats cool. Im looking forward to making her school uniform with my Arima. And I so love that anime. And Hikaru that is the story of my life! I swear I have so many costumes I want to make its awful!