View Full Version : Looking For Sin City Costume Help

12-12-2011, 09:27 PM
Willing to buy have jacket already and might have pants if no leather pants are avaible.

Doing Becky and Miho and my friend is doing Nancy.

Below is an image of Becky
The items I need are
Necklace(crosses,peace signs)
earrings(crosses,peace signs)
black sexy tanktop for under
studded belt round studs

Below here is Miho
pretty much need everything
the pants

just need Nancy's pants and top

there is only a 35% chance eithier of Miho or Nancy will be done

I'm also looking for a snake collar lik Becky's for my sweet little girl (I'm taking her with me she's only gonna wear it for maybe an hour)
snake's a Ball python 5 months maybe 2 inches in width shes big her;s neck's about 1.6 inches around
my clothing size vairies from Xs-M and my friend is a large or a medium