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12-13-2011, 08:03 PM
Guys, I have just finished cosplaying as Altair and I felt that I HAD to share what I did and where did I buy things from.

I bought the costume for 100 from a Chinese eBay seller who had lot of +ve feedback. I was disappointed with the dress as it wasn't made to size even though I had provided a lot of my measurements. The dress basically looked like this :
The dress was basically (Hood & zipped jacket + skirt + trouser) + (shoulder & back strap + left and right arm vambraces + black velvet gloves for both hands + left and right leg vambrace + belly belt with sword and knife pouches.

Because of the size issue, I had to tailoringly alter the hood, skirt and trouser. The arm vambraces were badly made as they weren't a tight fit - I had to loosen and remove some stitches and also shorten the straps. The knife holders were too big and held by mere safety pins. I cut them to required size and used Leather adhesive to stick themselves up and then stick them to the belly belt.

As I was on a budget, I didn't want to go and buy expensive boots. I bought Tan Brown LAIR TRAX shoes from Clarks for 35 and then used some dark shoe polish to turn them to dark brown shoes that matched the leg vambrace colour.

The plated vambrace that I had recieved was just rubbish! I decided to make my own plated vambrace. After much googling, I found this template :
I printed it out and carefully used PVA glue across the silver areas with a paintbrush. This gave it a sort of beveleld effect.


I then stuck these to a box cardboard using PVA glue and then used Silver acrylic paint to go over the silver areas with a brush. Finally , I used black acryclic paint for the black areas. Finally, I used a CD marker pen to sketch and sharpen the edges.


I then cut them out carefully with a Xacto knife ( Bought from ATLANTIS art store , Acrylic paints bought from Wilkinsons for 99p each! ) and bent them so they matched my arm's curved shape.


Finally, I stuck them using leather adhesive to my vambrace, mking sure that only the top edges were glued and that each plate ran on top of another.


Since MCM EXPO didn't allow metal weapons, I had to use Foamboard to make my knives and back short sword.
I drew a template of a throwing knife and cut it out with an Xacto. I then scraped the knives at a 45 degrees angle on both sides to give the Trianglish look. I also used medium sandpaper to smooth the edges.


12-14-2011, 04:45 AM
DO NOT PAINT foamboard weapons with Spray Paint. This is what happens :


Instead, use silver acryclic paint. Do note that acrylic paint takes many hours to dry - fan air or radiator heat wont help! I then drew some designs on the throwing knives' handles.
In a similar way I designed the back short sword.

For the sword, I bought a generic medusa and dragon sword and silver spray painted it. Bought it from ebay but had a gold handle.

I didn't have time to get the hidden blade mechanism working, but this is basically how it is : a foam baord box with a toothpick at the back and a rubber band tying it to a foambaord blade which has a string that gets attached to your finger.


my cosplay looked like this :


Overall, it cost me 220 in total and 2-3 weeks. ( I work full time )

Thanks for being patient and reading this. Hopefully, it will help other Altair fans. Comments /suggestions are welcome :)

12-14-2011, 09:12 AM
what a way to make lemonade out of that lemon :)

Suggestions wise, The baldric has a habit of rolling up over the shoulder due to the weight of the short knife, so I bolted it directly to the tunic. You might be able to sneak a pin in there to hold it in place:)

But yeah, outside of "avoid ebay sellers" and if you do, upgrade the hell out of the parts (which you've already done) theres not much to suggest beyond scratchbuilding. Though more time & skill intensive, its much cheaper. out of the outfits, Altair's is one of the easier to make.

I think that my ac1 gear ran me in total about 350 USD (including the leather hides), which is around the same amount if you convert it to pounds. If you use pleather instead of leather, it could get shaved down to much less (under 100USD/70 pounds), shoes extra.

02-08-2012, 06:02 AM
I think I am going to buy a Latex sword from US for my next appearance at this year's expo :D

05-27-2012, 07:23 PM
OK, I am back with more Altair costume improvements. I ordered the Latex sword from US for 95 which is made by Windlass, but found it appalling after I received it.


05-28-2012, 07:30 PM
I like how you handled the armor! Very nice :)

05-28-2012, 11:20 PM
Museum Replicas holds the license to AC merchandise in the US. I don't know that they make the best swords or whatnot, but there should be a modicum of standard involved.


05-29-2012, 09:37 AM
I have done some more enchancements for this year's expo.

So, to recap, this is the COSTUME from last year :



05-31-2012, 04:49 AM
Duplicate post

05-31-2012, 04:49 AM
Knee Vambraces

Plated left arm vambrace

Right vambrace

Glove for left hand

I bought a pair of brown women's leather driving gloves for 5 off eBay and cut off the fingers. Why a womens gloves? cos, its more skintight.

05-31-2012, 05:56 AM
WEAPONS revisited

My Throwing knives were single layered and they got dented during the expo. So, this time, I made 8 throwing knives from foamboard, 4 pairs that I PVA glued back-to-back.
I carefully cut them out of foamboard with a Xacto knife and then sandpapered the edges.
Wherever, little chunks of the foambaord was missing, I Hotglued to reinforce the overall structure. I then cut out the 'Inverted V' shape from A4 paper and PVA glued to the knives. This is the bit on the knives where it looks like the handle and the blade separates.
Finally, I applied silver acryclic paint and then just drew the design carefullywith a CD marker pen making sure all the designs looked almost same . TADA!


Again, the dagger had also got dented the last time. This time, I double-layered it as well but only did it for the handle bit.
So, first I cut out the dagger froam foamboard. I then drew the handle and cut off the handle. I then traced both the cut handle and the cut blade bit togetehr on a foamboard and then PVA glued the cut handle to the new dagger. After sanding and painting, I measure and cut off thin electric wire ( costs 17p/metre in Wilkos ) and then hotglued it to the dagger's handle, let it cool and then just silver painted it. TADA!


I printed a template from stormthecastle.com and drew two layers of the hilt. I removed the hilt of my previous 10 sword and wanted to sandwich the blade between these two foambaord hilts. The blade had 3 holes and I was able to cabletie it to the foamboard bits. I also cut a bit of fomasheet to act as sandwich filler between the foamboard bits. I PVAglue them up and then applied hotglue over the cabletie areas to hide the cableties. I then applied a bit of Blu-Tack to make things look smooth and silver painted this area. I then coloured rest of the hilt as necessary and drew my designs. I simply put a bit of brown PVC tape diagonally on the middle of the hilt and TADA!


06-27-2012, 03:24 AM
Feedback would be appreciated!

11-02-2012, 10:21 AM
Museum Replicas holds the license to AC merchandise in the US. I don't know that they make the best swords or whatnot, but there should be a modicum of standard involved.


Have not seen the AC sword or dagger in person, but I can vouch for the quality of their LARP level latex swords. I bought a steampunk sword from them, and have seen a different steampunk sword wielded by another con-goer at SPWF and both look serious awesome in person. Not only do they look great in photos, but from a foot away they look pretty darn realistic, other than the fact that the one I chose is a fantasy style sword that wouldn't exist anywhere anytime in real life. Also, very light to carry, and will not hinder you to have them strapped to your body all day at a con, which is key.

You can probably be pretty confident about buying the AC licensed LARP replicas from museumreplicas.com if you wanted to go that route. I mean, I wouldn't suggest going nuts and having a swordfight with your $100 prop, but you can rest assured that you'll look very accurate in photos.