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12-14-2011, 01:54 AM
Honeycolor.com Customer Service Review
Order $69.50 + $14.90 express shipping
Ordered: June 5. Rec'd: June 12. 7 days (to California)

Shop Review:
I had originally ordered 3 sets of lenses from honeycolor.com who shipped me an incorrect order. HC replied to me once and said they were investigating the issue.. but I never heard from them again.

honeycolor.com customer service has disappointed me.
I may try ordering with them one more time.They have a nice selection of lenses.


DBeautyshop.com Review
Order $24.90 + $23 expedited shipping
Ordered: June 14. Rec'd: June 21. 7 days (to California).

Shop Review:
I decided to purchase from dbeautyshop.com because AX was less than 3 weeks away. So I ordered these contacts with the expedited shipping just in case.

I am still very happy with my purchase and speed of service. I will be ordering from dbeautyshop.com in the future. They follow up and send offers for discounts on future orders, which is really sweet of them.

Name of Product: EOS Max Misty (Grey)
Product Description: 14.5 Dia, 8.6 BC, 0.00 no power(plano). $24.90 USD/pair

Pros: inexpensive, blend nicely, they make my eyes smexy & giant, I had no problem wearing these for 6 hours at the con.
Size: 10/10
Color: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9

My lenses arrived in vials and with an adorable free elephant lens case.

Indoor light:

Daylight: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v103/sonicblueteg/Annie%20Pix/off_in_the_distance_by_bkitten.jpg

Lens vs no Lens w/flash:

(I think I have very large eyes? my contact lens prescription is 14.5 dia. this is the 1st year of having contact lenses.)

Whoo hoo!! EOS ftw!!

12-23-2011, 07:40 PM
In regards to HoneyColor, I purchased from them once and never will agin. They sent me 2 totally different lenses.. One yellow, one red. I ordered yellow (from their costume colors.) They told me they'd look into it and send me a replacement, and I never heard from them again :\

04-04-2012, 02:42 PM
Honeycolor order Correction update:
I decided to give Honeycolor another chance and ordered 8 sets of lenses. When the package was recieved the shorted my order by 1 item... argh.. I was so angry yet again.

I contacted them immediately and let them know they:
1. never corrected my old order last year (3 incorrect sets of lenses)
2. they shorted my order by 1 set of lenses

Last week I recieved another package with all 4 correct items. (No call back tag for the old items? ok strange but i'm not sure if i'm supposed to return the other lenses?)

I think there may be some type of language barrier with English translation.. So be sure to use very simple English in your emails and also reply through their website and with your email.