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12-21-2011, 09:51 PM
Hey! I've finally decided on a Code Geass cosplay after about six months of inward-debate. I wanted to do something I rarely ever see done, and something really unique and special. I decided to cosplay the AU!version of Lelouch Lamperouge if he were in the Knights of Rounds.


I already know other people cosplaying the other Knights of Round, but I'm worried that if I'm not hanging out with them, people will mistake me for an entirely AU character. I plan on having violet contacts too just in case.

My main question being, if you saw this outfit at a convention, would you recognize it was meant to be Lelouch as a Knight of Round, or should I maybe aim for another outfit?

Sorry if this is weird and doesn't belong here :( Thank you!

12-22-2011, 10:11 AM
Probably not tbh. I would probably think you were Knight of One.

12-29-2011, 07:21 PM
Seeing as my friend in the regular Zero costume, having had C.C. with him, didn't get recognized a lot (even when he was wearing the mask!) the past two or three cons, you might not get any recognition outside of a Code Geass photoshoot.

Since it's currently not airing, it suffers from much fewer people paying attention to it.

01-05-2012, 11:19 PM
I would, but may thing that its a random knight instead

02-14-2012, 03:44 PM
Big fan, but wouldn't recognize it. :(

02-22-2012, 11:52 AM
I would! I collect that fanart on pixiv like candy. And I would hug you to death too.

07-11-2012, 05:12 PM
Assume you won't be recognized...and then go ahead and do it anyway.

I mean, if people catch on that you're from Code Geass, that's a good start, and the KoR costume is pretty distinctive for that.

10-06-2012, 05:54 PM
You have a good shot at being recognized, but as justify said, you may not. Lelouch is one of the main characters, but the costume is easy to mistake. Good luck.

12-12-2012, 07:48 PM
I would recognise it as Lelouch and I would probably see the Knights of the Round comparison, but I think many people wouldn't. That being said, it would be an awesome costume, so I think you should do it anyway :)

12-12-2012, 08:51 PM
I've watched about five minutes of the show, but I'd say there's a 50/50 chance I would recognize the character because it looks like a logical variation of his design. On the other hand I might guess someone from Captain Harlock because of the cape. :P