View Full Version : great locations in north east, pa for cosplay photo shootss

12-31-2011, 05:05 PM
http://mikuismylight.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4krkynhiyaz ^.^ I'm gonna start off with listing some places near me. Everybody is free to post a place they know of in north east, pa right hurr~ :b
So~ I live in Brackney and there's this road by mine called church road (i'll post some pics later when it gets warmer) It's a great GREATTT place for photoshoots; around the church on the road there's like a large half-circle of these big green bushes-things with crosses near then and it look amazing in the summer, along with the church itself. Once again, It's easier to just post pics that i will do that.
right by the church there's this cemetary that's just eerie, creepy, the sun hits it just right, cuz i's on top of a hill and there's a path lined with trees and the hill leads down to this really creepy but awesome looking little section with reallyyy old tombstones and the such.
And for the next place..it's on my road, sweeney road in brackney, pa. it's an abandoned, over 100 years old hospital with a pond in the back, along with a small shed, and a stream...this all surrounded by trees.:sunny:
http://mikuismylight.deviantart.com/gallery/ here are some pics from when it was rainy, foggy, and I thought it was gorgeous~~