View Full Version : squirrel tail help? (makoto from BlazBlue)

01-03-2012, 12:38 AM
okay... so a day ago i tried to post here and i think something weird happened or something... so here it goes again.

basically, i'm planning to cosplay makoto from blazblue, and i don't know how to start with her tail. i've never worked with fur or any similar outfit component before, and i really want to make this cosplay as accurate and well-made as possible

reference images:

seeing the bulk of the thing, i'm wondering how to construct a tail like in the design and how to attach it to myself in the first place. i've seen cosplayers who have attached a portion of the tail to the back of thier garment, but i'm concerned about the weight dragging on both. i had an idea of sculpting the thing with foam of some sort and covering it with fur, but i'm not too sure on how that would work out.

mainly, i'm concerned about attaching the tail to myself and/or the costume... pretty sure the ring and belt-loop thing that i've seen alot of people do wouldn't work out...

another thing, how would one get the striped pattern onto the tail? would fabric paint be alright or would i have to sew contrasting coloured fur onto the base??

suggestions, patterns, ideas, tutorials ANYTHING would be really appreciated... thanks!

01-06-2012, 10:46 AM
To make the tail I'd consider 2 ways:
1) Shape a PVC Pipe (using a heat gun) to create a central bone of the tail that you could then cover with stuffing/padding. Maybe a decent amount of padding rolled over the pipe and then stuffing to fill in the rest that way the pipe wouldn't be felt from touching the tail.
2) a skeleton frame out of thin wire with stuffing to fill the tail in.

Or you could do a combination of both which the PVC pipe would give a great support base to the skeleton frame.

For the base you could have the tail attached to a belt, or the top of the skirt and then just have an upside down V or U shaped cut in the back of the top so the tail could come out without the top being lifted up to clearly show how the tail is attached at the base.

Then for the top of the tail you could have 1 or 2 fishing lines connected to the tail's main bone or wire skeleton. And then have them go through the top and connected to your bra or something else that would be similarly snug to your upper body that way the lines wouldn't pull on the outer top helping keep with the idea that the tail is up on its own :D

Just some ideas, hopefully they are helpful ^^;

01-16-2012, 01:39 AM
Can do a few things, sculpt it out of foam with a wire in the middle to give it support, I've also seen pool noodles used as support.
There's also have it half foam, half foam beads- such as ones in beanbag chairs, it'll be lighter that way.