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01-03-2012, 03:09 AM
Hey all!!

I need a little help with my Pit cosplay, mainly the toga thing, but also the armbands:


With the toga, i have no idea what the pattern should even look like!! i thought of making it like a tunic, but then it wont have all the ruffles and folds and whatnot DX So i'm not sure what to do.

With the armbands, i just need a suitable way of making them!! Especially those two floating rings on his arm and the detailing on the armbands.

Also the bootcovers/gaitors/chap things.... the Shoes i mean. How do i do the shoes DX There so annoying :P

Everything else is all good, just those 3 things i'm sooooo stuck on, and there all a major part of the cosplay DX

Thanks for any replies :3

02-15-2012, 09:20 AM
I did make the toga, but I honestly did it trial and error on my dress form, so I can't quite help with a pattern. My first pattern failed miserably, and the final piece was three parts - one longer underneath with the trim, one over the top tacked to fold like his, and the scarf as a separate piece.

I did my arm bands based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I did not see any detailing in the gold bands. I did, however, detail the brown wristbands. They are made from cardboard tubes (you could use something else... I had them from the photo paper rollers at my husband's work) covered in brown vinyl. Before adding the vinyl, I ran it through my sewing machine (a Singer Confidence... which in this case is important) using a leaf-print embroidery stitch that came with the machine.
The gold bands are VERY simple if they're just gold. I coated craft foam in glue, painted it gold, then coated it in a layer of sealant. To the back, I glued the gripping fabric you can buy for slipper bottoms. They stay up pretty well though the one on my leg does slip a bit if I run. They're held together with a gold snap or two in the back of each.
As for the boots... mine are vinyl with a fake sheepskin lining. I cut each cover out like a rectangle wide enough to go around my calf with a bit of a curve up in the center of the top and a long thong-like point at the bottom to go into my shoes. The detailing on those was done by weaving strips of lighter vinyl and gluing it on with leather glue.

I bought a pair of thick brown flip-flops and sawed them in half so that I basically had four flip-flop bottoms. I drilled the flip-flop hole to make it large enough to pull the thong part of the boots through. I nailed the thongs in with carpet tacks. Then I made the bands that go across the tops of my feet, nailed them to the top flip-flop section with carpet tacks, and pancaked them back between the two sections with hot glue.

I took a few pictures during the process, but since this was done in a set with King Dedede, he got the most documentation. I didn't document most of the stuff you're asking about. :/

03-08-2012, 09:44 AM
Lets see, for the toga I used cotton lycra (i think its called like that) for the pattern T.T I made two pieces a top and a bottom piece thats atached to the side of it.. Its hard to explain. What I did was go to the trophies in brawl and try to figure out how the toga goes D:
As for the boots and the arm bands I used a brown fabric (I have no idea how its called in spanish -.- so its impossible for me to say it in english) but the fabric was really soft so i used craft foam and glued to it and the yellow parts are also craft foam. As for the pattern its kinda like a heart without the pointy end. If you want i can make a rough sketch of it and send it.