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11-03-2002, 02:15 PM
Time has nothing when it stops at a coming of a joyful time. Nothing but the price of fun and life are meaningful here and nothing else matters. All is said when these are at one.

*jumping to a sceen that I am having trouble on, please help out fit you can. Understand I am making this as a fake con. These events have not ever happen and ever will not happen. please do not think of the characters of them to be you or anything to do with you. they may have same names but are nothing but characters that I have given the names of friends and such but alatered a bit. so please be open minded to all this. thank you.*

Aerisan: Great now where did he go to?

Neko-chan: I dont know but he sure can run or hide or something.

Aerisan: Well, I guess we should just find him tomorrow. He is really down and depressed or something.

Neko-chan: Please, he is just making us think that. I think he is just trying to get us to worry for nothing.

Aerisan: I guess, just his eyes....they were in so much pain or close to it.

Saun: I think we should just cool down and wait for him to walk from behind the stair way.

*apears the person they were after*

Aerisan: How did you know he was there?

Saun: His shadow gave it away.

Neko-chan: Than I want to know why is acting like this.

Saun: He wants to fight me thats why. Isn't that it?

*a small turn of the head to not look at the three*

Aerisan: Why?

Saun: He feels that he hurt us some how.

Aerisan: What do you mean?

Saun: Earlier today I saw a friend I haven't seen for awhile come by and say hi. We talked for awhile than had a small arguement....and as he tried to say sorry like me he left with a rush and pushed you two to the ground as he ran by and saw you both fall. Feeling like he needs to be hurt I think he wants to fight me to try and make things better. but I dont understand why he would think that.

Neko-chan: Is that all? Over something like this, how childish.

*fist clench*

Saun: And thats why he is hurt right now, he feels like we look low on him, as if nothing matters, be it lost friends and family, be it rejected at this con. be it anything, he feels like he is cause and pain here for most groups here......I feel some what pitty on him.

This is where I need help, please look over this part people and see how should I keep this going and if anything change the characters right now on what there saying or such. please help me on this if you can. thank you for your time.