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01-01-2004, 11:26 AM
Hey guys, I'm planning on attending my first con in June (A-Kon in Dallas), and I'm also planning on doing my first masquerade as well. The thing is I have an idea what the whole thing is about, but I'm not really certain about how to go about it. I know what some of you may be thinking as you're reading this, "She's nuts. She should watch one her self before she does it." Or at least something along those lines. I like to jump in head first. Throw me to the lions I say!

Anywho. I'll be cosplaying Milly from Trigun at the con. And I'm looking for some help. Thanks!

01-27-2004, 06:22 PM
No way I don't think your nuts! My group performed our first skit without even having the foggest idea of what we were up against or what to expect! Which was pretty nerve racking for me because I am the "script writer". But when we got there and we were sitting back stage and we saw some of the "dancing" skits (for lack of a better word, one girl looked like she was having a seizure ^^;;) we got up there and kicked some serious ass! How ever we got disqualified, because we went over the time limit ahh it still hurts! Enough about me, the best advice I can give you is don't stress the small stuff!! All that really matters is that you have a blast portraying your character! And Milly is a great one to be! If your doing a Trigun skit it's a no brainer that it should be a comedy right? Really you need to know what other characters you want to participate before you can make any more big plans!

01-28-2004, 12:32 AM
Ah...if there's one thing I haven't seen, it's a bad Trigun skit.

Don't worry... I did my first masq at my first con, and we even won an award! If you go out there looking to have a good time, you really can't lose.

In preparation, though, review the con's time restrictions and other masq policies, rehearse anything you decide to perform, and don't worry about the audience. My first skit was *bad,* but the audience made me feel really comfortable onstage. They're good people. ^_^

01-29-2004, 12:17 PM
Yeah definatly if there's one thing about being on stage it's to have fun ^^ if you don't your gonna be all stressed out and then things might fall apart. trust me i've seen some really good skits fall apart because of that! And ALWAYS make sure you kno ur time limit! it can be really embarassing wen ur in the middle of something and they cut the lights and music on yah and escort u off the stage :thumbsup: well good luck with your first masq! :bigtu: