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01-27-2012, 07:27 PM
Matsuri's Formal Dance in 2012 will be better than ever! Come enjoy an enchanting evening of dancing to ballroom-style anime and video game music in formal attire! As soon as Matsuri staff gets back to us on a few things we'll be able to announce the day and time. But for now, who all will be coming and what will you wear? We're also taking music suggestions!
RSVP at the Facebook Event page! http://www.facebook.com/events/179592108778459/

Dress Code:

-Attire must be generally formal.

-All attire must be clean and well-kept. Meaning no muddy shoes or super wrinkled shirts. No blood(presumably fake) is allowed on clothing.

-No jeans, t-shirts, denim, or polo shirts will be accepted.

-Dresses must be atleast knee-length. Meaning that when you are standing the dress must atleast touch the top of your knee, and this length does not include see-through materials. In other words, if your skirt is knee-length but is sheer material, it will not be accepted. Dresses must be formal. No sundresses or casual dresses will be permitted. Fabrics can be a big indicator on this is you're unsure. For instance, a satin dress is more likely to be formal than a cotton one.

-Shoes must be formal. No bare feet, flip-flops, tennis shoes, platform boots, combat boots, hiking boots, crocs, etc. Shoes seem to be a problem area, so please make sure that yours are formal, or ask beforehand via the forums if you are unsure!

-Formal cosplay is awesome! It just must be formal, such as Princess Zelda or an Ouran suit, or a formal version of a character(for instance: Gaara in a tux rather than his normal outfit).

-No armor or robes unless they are clearly formal or ceremonial. Formal military uniforms are fine. Maid outfits are not acceptable.

-No over-sized costumes, such as big armor or wings. These can be hazardous on the dance-floor.

-Please leave props and weapons elsewhere. We won't have a place to store them, and you'll want your hands to be free for dancing!

-No bare midriffs or chests. Formal strapless dresses are acceptable.

-Masks are not required, but are certainly acceptable.

-Lolita will be accepted only if it is of a formal style, and fits the dress code.

-No rave/dance party attire will be accepted.

-Staff at the door will have the final say in what will be accepted.

Suggestions for acceptable formal attire:
-Princess Dresses
-Formal Steampunk
-Military Dress Uniforms

If you have any questions at all, or would like to double check your outfit before the con, please feel free to post here, or to PM me.