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01-29-2012, 03:59 PM
Anime Matsuri 2012 Script Writing Contest

Here are the basics! We only have a few slots available for skits this year in order to accommodate the ever growing number of entries as a whole and being able to maintain a 5 minute time limit. On Saturday morning, everyone who has entered to do a skit must come to the Cosplay panel room and perform their skit infront of a panel of judges to determine if they will be able to go on the main stage. What will be checked for is quality on both the audio as well as the script, content (PG-13, etc), and professionalism in the way that the performance was prepared.

That all sounds like a huge pain in the butt, huh? Waking up early, bringing all your props and set pieces with you? But what if there was a way around it!?

There is!

Send in a detailed script (including music cues, blocking, and any other little notations you think would help the judges really see your vision) to melodiesofboom@aol.com with the subject of “Script Writing Contest”.

Included should be the list of characters, the people playing them, group name (if any), division (for questions on division, just shoot me an e-mail!), and any other details you would like for me or the judges to know.

There will be two winners, one Advance winner, one Novice winner. This is in the interest of fairness.