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02-07-2012, 11:09 PM
So Im definately no pro at photography yet, but i'm switching up to a DSLR finally and wanted some more tips on what I should keep an eye out for. These were all shot with a Mid-grade Fujifilm Finepix, with nothing but the occasional lightboard. Any tips/tricks/critiques are definately helpfull!




02-08-2012, 04:08 AM
1. I don't really know what to think of this one. The winding path attracts a lot of attention to the background, when the main focus should be on the cosplayer's expression (which is nice).
I would have lowered myself to be at eye level with the cosplayer, and chosen my angle in order to have the flower with a darker background, in order to make it more visible.

2. A bit too centered. The red sign in the background doesn't look that nice... I would reframe by removing the left and lower edge, trying to keep her eyes on the line of thirds.
Also, the spot of light on her chin only doesn't look too nice. Having an even light on a given side of the face generally looks better.
Having her face in shadow makes her eyes less visible. A reflector would have helped, or turning her face towards the main light source could, but some post-processing can also help a bit.

3. I like this one a lot, composition wise. The only real problem I see is the eyes, they're almost completely hidden by the net, when they should be the most important thing to see in the photo.

03-22-2012, 05:00 AM
1. I really like the colours, but I think it should have been shot from a lower angle. To have the path leading off from beside her instead of above would have drawn more attention to the actual subject while still contributing to the image.

2. I would also have preferred her to be less centered. Given the expression and pose, to the left would make the most sense for me, almost as if she were saying 'bye!' with the tip of her hat and walking out of frame.

3. I love the expression, pose and composition, but she looks buried! I would like to have seen a little bit of a side angle to show her legs or something to make her look not so amputated.

I think that you have the right idea and a very good start! Try having your model hold their pose while you take a few shots from a few different angles until you get a hold of what really makes a photo more dynamic and thoughtful than the straight on that you're used to :)

03-27-2012, 02:57 PM
I think you have a good eye to begin with but focus more on your subject and use the background to your advantage not as a huge piece of the photo. you are def headed in the right direction though you just need some compositional tweaking.