View Full Version : Final Fantasy Skit Ideas.

01-07-2004, 09:47 PM
I have some skit ideas!!! You could use these as long as you take pics!! (I wanna see them :) )

1.(FF9) Your party(w/dagger in it) is fighting a flan (real flan!). Everybody attacks it (fake), but when dagger attacks it, she smashes it with her staff and it goes everywhere!
2. The way cloud in K.H. got his wing- Sephiroth and cloud are fighting over a bahamut doll when the wing rips off. then cloud could say something like, "Well, might as well." and attaches the wing to his costume.
3. Yuffie from K.H. and Yuffie from F.F. could be fighting over a summon materia when a moogle comes and says, "THERES my bon-bon!" then they start dancing to "shake your bon-bon" ...j/k!

if you have more ideas then post them!!!