View Full Version : HOMESTUCK @ Anime Matsuri 2012

02-15-2012, 11:24 PM



Hello all you lovely homies of stuck! My name is Natalie/Saucy and I will be your host for the homestuck meetup and photoshoot at anime matsuri this year (so long as no one else has made a meetup before now that i don't know about 8') )

Anyway, the meetups and photoshoots will be held at 2PM EACH DAY!!! That means even if you aren't cosplaying homestuck on one day you can always come in cosplay on a different day! EVERYONE WINS!

I've made a facebook group with all the nitpicky details of the event SO PLEASE JOIN! Also feel free to friend me. If you have any pressing questions or concerns just shoot me an email/message/whatever you need to do.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I PRESENT TO YOU the mspa thread for anime matsuri!

Now let's hear what everyone's cosplaying! ovo

I'm cosplaying Doc Scratch, Dave, General Terror (Super!Stuck), and Fef!! 8)